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User Profile

By default, users start at prejoin page where they enter their display name and update settings before joining a meeting. Select this to skip that page.

Adjusts performance settings so no video is sent or received, allowing more bandwidth for audio call.

Jitsi attempts to use as much screen real-estate as possible when displaying video in tile view. Depending on your screen geometry, this might involve cropping the displayed videos. Coupled with the face-centering feature, this usually produces good results but there maybe some use cases where this is not desirable. Check this to disable that feature.

Skips the initial permissions check to get user media. Audio/video will be disabled, but can be enabled later. Useful when joining just for screen sharing, or as a passive attendee.
Customise Toolbar Buttons
Things to note:
  • Not all items are displayed even if selected e.g. if the feature is disabled in config or conditionally enabled based on user role or device used.
  • It is not possible to change the order of items in the toolbar.
  • It is not possible to control which items end up in the "More actions" menu.

👋 Hi there. I hope you found this useful.

Do note that this page exposes only a small subset of url-based config overrides afforded by Jitsi. It also makes assumptions about default config values as configured on meet.jit.si.

The intent of this page is to simply illustrate how options should be formatted and composed, and offer examples of some of the more common settings.

For a complete list of config values you can change, see configWhitelist.ts and interfaceConfigWhitelist.ts. Also see the config.js and interface_config.js config templates which will contain description of each option and their defaults.

If you spot any issues or outdated options, do feel free to send a me PR :)